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Planetary management game

This project was created for the Cosmic Major game jam. A jam that lasted one week with a cosmic theme and a limitation where the player must cheat. I was really motivated to make a proper game for this jam and assembled a team of 8 strangers that I found on discord servers.

The size of the team combined with an overall time zone difference of 9 hours made it crucial that we stayed organised and planned! For that we chose to use hack'n plan. Next to this we had daily scrum meetings in which we discussed the progress we made and what had to happen next. During the days we kept each other up to date by using discord.

The game

The game we made is a management game and is in my opinion very unique in its playstyle, because of this it became a big challenge to make the player undertand how the game works.

To guide the player we wanted to make a 'clippy' feature that would help the player out but due to time limitations this became a simple pop up system that would display information when a new event or feature got introduced. We also wanted to make a tutorial level which was again not possible due to time. Instead we added a game time slider so that the player can litterly slow down the game giving them more time to learn and understand the game.

We made the game very flexible in a sense that e-mails, mods, websites and planets are all read in trough CSV files. This makes it possible to just adjust an excell file to add more or change items. We also used 2 types of event systems, one was based on a trigger and the other on time, this gave us a lot of options.


I really enjoyed working on this game and learned a lot from working with people from all over the world!

The tools I got to use while working on this project: Github desktop, hack n plan, itch, unity and visual studio.

You can find more info about the game and group members on our itch page.


Download here