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Curse Of The Vulcano

4 player local spiltscreen couch game

This game was made with a team of 4 over a short time period. The goal was to design and make a fun couch co-op game.


Up to four players compete against each other to be the first to escape from the rising lava. They’ll need to platform their way through the level, using power-ups to improve their abilities, or curses to slow down or sabotage the competition.


You and the other players were dropped into an active volcano for the purposes of an ancient ritual. It’s said that those who reach the top of the volcano first receive a powerful boon, but beware, as those left behind will be swallowed by the rising lava…


The game’s objective is to escape the volcano and avoid the rising lava. The earlier you reach the top in comparison to the other players, the more points you get.

The game level’s the closed environment of the inside of a volcano, with dangerous lava rising from the moment the game starts

The player can move around and jump onto various (moving) platforms, trampolines and more to move higher up in the level, closer to the exit and away from the lava. On the way they might pick up various power-ups and curses. The power-ups will give the player one of various temporary boons that will help them in being the first to escape the volcano, while the curses give all of the opposing players temporary disadvantages that will impede their efforts of climbing higher.


Download here

The tools I got to use while working on this project: Github desktop, hack n plan, unity and visual studio 2019 Enterpise.