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Hi there! Do u want to help me solve this fun riddle?

Far away and just as long ago there was a raging war going on between 2 glorius kingdoms. The first one, called 'Iglorium', has been fighting wars for decades and almost perfected its attacking strategies. The other one, called 'Panqa', was a rather peaceful place with an impenetrable defense. On a stormy night in the winter the Iglorium's had sent their elite scouts to find a weakness in this so called 'impenetrable defense'.

One of the spies managed to sneak close to the main gate and hid in one of the bushes. When an old man carrying a cart filled with fish aproached the gate, the guards gave him the number '6'. He replied with '3' and the guards let him pass. Not much later a couple knights on horses appeared and were given the number '12'. They replied the guards with '6' and they to were allowed to enter the kingdom. The spie filled with arrogance smiled and went to the gate. The guards gave him the number '10', 'Easy!' he said. 'The answer is 5!' Unfortunately these were the last words we heard of the spie.

Do you think you cracked the impenetrable code? Will you join the poor spie in his cell or will you be the hero of Iglorium!? Let me know your answer in the mail and don't forget to explain WHY this is the answer!